ELLER steel 1T WL 0.5m grey

ELLER steel 1T WL 0.5m grey

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The ELLER steels are according to EN 12385-4 and colour coding is refering to the length (ARGH). Other capacities, models and lengths are available on request. 
ELLER steels with PVC tube available here

  • 0,5m grey

    Main features

    • The thimble is painted in a colour, indicating the length of the steel
    • 1t version with oversized thimble fits a 3,25t bow-shackle

    Product specifications

    • Flexible wire rope slings (construction 6x19+FC and 6x36WS+FC)
    • WLL 1t (d=10mm)
    • Ends with thimble and clamped with a tapered talurit
    • Tapered talurit with inspection eye

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