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Advance Tapes is a global manufacturer of PVC adhesive tape. With over 50 years of experience, they are well-known for the quality of their products and their expertise.

Advance has an extensive range of PVC tapes which cover many applications, which makes their tapes suitable for the event industries.

 In general, the PVC tapes from Advance :

  • Conform to awkward surfaces very well.
  • Have some degree of electrical insulation due to the nature of PVC.
  • Are inherently flame retardant due to the nature of the polymer
  • Are water resistant.
  • Use non-corrosive adhesives.

At Aviva Distribution we are always looking for the best quality products for our customers. This is why the Advance tapes are selected as our standard product.
The Advance tapes are well known, and have been used for years in the entertainment industry.
Besides the products Aviva has to offer, Advance offers a wide range of tape to make sure there is always a product that will fit your personal needs. Looking for an Advance product not shown on our webshop? Please let uw know!

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Nichiban gaffa

In the entertainment industry, Gaffer tape is essential. Whether it’s  fixing cables to truss, taping floor mats, temporarily securing something or a quick fix, Gaffer tape is always in high demand. But not every tape is Gaffer, and it’s commonly mistaken for Duct tape. The difference is fairly simple, Gaffer is used to temporarily secure items, while Duct tape is for permanent use.
There are also differences in Gaffer tape, for example some will tear more easily than others, will leave glue traces or are harder to unroll.

This is why, at Aviva, we only sell quality gaffer tape by Nichiban. The Nichiban Gaffer tape comes in two varieties, the NT1200 and the NT116. Both the 1200 and 116 series are made with high quality linen, coated in Polyethylene PE, making it a strong, reliable and waterproof product. Can't find the color/size Nichiban tape you are looking for send an email to

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Eller hoisting equipment

Hoisting equipment for a good price, that is why Aviva has chosen to take ELLER (products) into our product range. In 2003 ELLER was first put on the market with their hoisting and lifting products. Later on they have expanded their range with ELLERstrap (lashing strap), ELLERsling (webbing&round), ELLERlift (hand pallet trucks) and in 2008 they added ELLERsafe (fall protection). Finally, in 2013, they added the BLP (Best Lifting Products) components brand to complete their high quality product range for hoisting, lifting and fall protections.

The products on our website are a selection of the ELLER range, contact us on for more products or information about the ELLER range.

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